• James ChristouManaging Director

  • Steven SmythAssociate Director / Senior Architect

  • John MainAssociate Director / Senior Architect

  • Kirsty GriffithsAssociate Director / Interior Designer

  • Herman BoonArchitect

  • Matthew LeMeurSenior Architect / BIM Manager

  • Dean HeslopSenior Technician

  • Antiopi OrkopolousSenior Architect

  • Merlyn Than-MyintAssociate Director / Finance Administrator

  • Linda ChristouCEO

  • Doug GrosseSenior Architect

  • Jaime BullerGraduate Designer

  • Sharni MurrayFinance / Administration

  • Teena GreenExecutive Assistant

  • Zak MrsaSenior Technician

  • Carmon SmythGraphic Designer

  • Michael LuckSenior Architect

  • Lilly OwenellGraduate Designer

  • Kerin TietzelAdministration

  • Aaron Reddick Graduate Designer

Our Team

Founded by James Christou in 1985, CHRISTOU is a privately owned and operated firm, with multiple national registrations. Our team of highly committed professional staff take ownership of each project, putting ourselves in the place of the end user, understanding the issues and creating positive outcomes. We believe that each project provides an opportunity to make a difference. Our passion and enthusiasm for each project benefits our clients through the depth of our research, the intensity with which we approach the design and the precision with which we execute. We forge lasting relationships through the journey of each project, connecting personally with people, communities, stakeholders and end-users.


+ Design Architects
+ Project Architects
+ Contract Administrators
+ GBCA Accredited Professionals
+ BIM Managers & Revit Specialists
+ Interior Architects
+ Graphic Designers & Brand Management
+ 3D Modellers
+ Project Coordinators
+ Finance & Administration