Rossmoyne Year 7 2014

  • Education

Working with the existing fabric of the Rossmoyne SHS our strategy sought to add a building of simplicity and elegance to the existing campus. Intensifying the existing relationships between landscape, courtyard and building our project creates a new landscaped courtyard between buildings and a recessed entry to accentuate the courts enclosure and wayfinding for students, staff and visitors.

The building has been conceived as two solid volumes, connected by a transparent atrium space. The classrooms form the main volume of the building as the need for solid walls and display space create distinct internal spaces. The atrium space connects visually to the landscape, courtyards and reduces the overall scale of the classroom volumes. The building is wrapped with a light and elegant verandah structure to pay homage to the existing fabric of the campus and provide sunshading and glare control to the new classrooms.

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