Exmouth Ningaloo Centre 2012

  • Concept Design
  • Exmouth, Western Australia

The Ningaloo Centre seeks to add a rich layer of architecture to the entry sequence and townscape of Exmouth. CHRISTOU's proposal seeks to capture the imagination through one's experience of the site, lush gardens, public courts, inviting architecture that provokes exploration, providing respite, human scale and a foil to the immensity of the surrounding landscape.

Our conceptual design approach has taken its cue from the landscape and the famous attractions of Exmouth. The 'big-ness' of the landscape, the creatures and the experience. Creating approachable, human scaled buildings, courts and gardens to offer respite from the often harsh and unrelenting landscape of the area. The buildings present as highly transparent facilities, utilising the verandah to moderate both light and heat, while providing shade to the entire perimeter of the site.

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