Allendale Square 2017

  • Adaptive Re-Use
  • Perth CBD, Western Australia

Allendale Square is a timeless piece of high-rise design, emblematic of Western Australia’s mining boom of the 1970’s. Although the tower still holds its place in the city’s skyline, the plaza and arcade had become dated and uninviting in comparison to the spaces created during Perth’s most recent mining boom. CHRISTOU were engaged to help reactivate these spaces and bring Allendale Square back to prominence within the CBD.

 A refined, transparent approach has been adopted for the plaza that respects the elegance of the tower and its position along the Terrace. A suspended glass canopy unifies the various elements, old, and new. The arcade adopts a more playful approach that reflects its subterranean location and food & beverage function. Despite the differing approaches the overarching philosophy is the same; provide greater clarity of wayfinding and connection, activate through new food and beverage offerings, and re-establish Allendale Square as a meeting place within the city. 

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