Scarborough Pool 2017

  • Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Placemaking
  • 6 Greenstar Certification
  • John Septimus Roe Award for Urban Design AIA WA Chapter 2018
  • Commendation Commercial Architecture AIA WA Chapter 2018

CHRISTOU were commissioned by the City of Stirling to design the new ocean front Scarborough Beach Pool. The design proposes a series of pools for both sporting and recreation, new commercial areas and activation of the street at the waters edge. 

The conceptual approach conceives the project as both built form and coastal geology. Exploring the tensions between the natural and cultural context of Scarborough

The project has achieved 6 star Greenstar certification, the first of it's kind in Autralia. The design utilised a first principle approach, sustainability is integral, not an add-on. 

The design has focused on the creation of a place, a place defined by dynamic, cultural and climatic experiences. A place immersed within a landscape, mediating between rugged coast and manicured lawns expressing life, contained by the architecture.  

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