We believe that good design has the power to transform lives. With 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience, specialising in Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Master Planning, we work with our clients to envision a better future. Our design is based on an open exchange - architects and interior designers collaborate in an integrated process, ensuring a holistic, considered approach on each and every project. This approach continues with our clients - we bring all parties together to a place where we can mutually understand each other's objectives and interests. Together we create innovative and creative built environments that reflect our clients' visions and needs, and the context, history, culture, community and natural environment. Every project provides an opportunity to make a difference, and every project is designed to achieve excellence.


We believe that a collaborative culture spurs creativity and innovation. At CHRISTOU we are committed to fostering an environment in which talented professionals can engage and share their ideas in an open-minded platform. Diversity and inclusion is embraced as we seek to understand our clients and the community. Our designs are a reflection of the inherent values and belief of our clients and our practice. To deliver innovation and excellence we work together in a culture of collective consciousness.


Our commitment to excellence combined with our unique method for project briefing and refined quality management systems sets our level of service apart. Our project delivery is grounded in the commitment we make to each project and every client. We believe that passion and precision are fundamental to design excellence; leadership, through research and progression, fosters innovation; and professionalism demands diligence and pro-action. These beliefs form the core of our process - delivering true integration, clear communication, effective collaboration and seamless implementation. Coupled with our rigorous methodology, which provides consistency and accountability at every stage, we are able to undertake and achieve excellence on a diverse range of projects. This is the value of CHRISTOU.


Our client's come first in everything we do. We work with a diverse range of clients to create unique design solutions that reflect their individual needs and exceed their expectations. Whatever the size, every project and every client is important to us. We are there every step of the way, as we work together to create a design that transforms the lives of future generations. A testament to our architectural capability is our enduring relationships with our clients. Our current portfolio includes commissions from existing clients whom we worked with in 1985.


In the past three decades, CHRISTOU has developed a reputation nationally and internationally for our high quality service, innovative design, precise documentation and expert delivery of projects at every scale. Our depth of experience spans industry sectors from Multi-Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments, Urban Precincts, Hotels and Hospitality, Waterfront Marinas, Sporting Stadiums and Recreational Facilities, Institutional, Educational and major Public, Civic and Cultural Buildings. We have completed projects in every corner of Australia, working on projects from Albany to Sydney and throughout South-East Asia, in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Location and distance are not constraints, they are opportunities to take on new challenges and further refine the level and quality of our service. Our innovative design expertise has been consistently recognised with awards from every sector of the property industry. Amongst them, Western Australia’s most prestigious design award, the George Temple Poole Award for Excellence in Architecture which was achieved in just our third year.


Our designs are defined by sustainability, seeking to enhance the sense of place and identity. Sustainability and social responsibility principles are embedded in our process as we work to create regenerative designs that enhance our community. To positively shape the built environment we must collaborate with clients, users, contractors and stakeholders. Together we observe, analyse, seek and explore, to uncover the most intelligent design solution - sustainability is essential to achieving this. We are constantly exploring advantages presented to us by new technologies and strive to provide innovative, responsible design responses on projects of all shapes and sizes. Every project is an expression of its users, climate and context.