CHRISTOU is a full-service architectural studio. Our approach is centered on the delivery of intelligent, sophisticated and sustainable environments which shape the way we live, work, learn and play for the better. At CHRISTOU we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and our communities through the work we do.

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Urban Design

CHRISTOU excels at inter-disciplinary design. Our team looks at the bigger picture creating holistic, integrated and innovative urban design solutions tailored to the needs and wants of our clients and the community. Urban design is more than buildings it's about creating places that engage and excite the public. It's about exploration and imagination, and developing visions and concepts to create a shared experience for all.

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Interior Design

Our Architecture and Interior Design teams work side by side delivering holistic, coherent and considered designs. Our innovative approach has seen many of our projects win national and international awards. We are confident in our ability to deliver complex interior design solutions which are fully operational, functional and seamlessly integrated.

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Master Planning

Master Planning is about creating a delicate balance between site, context and use. At CHRISTOU we observe, analyse, seek and explore, to uncover the most intelligent design solution. Projects of all types and sizes require a considered approach to respond to a variety of complex issues. We seek to enhance the user's experience of the built form in everything we do.

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Modular Design

CHRISTOU understands Modular Construction and its logistics in great detail. The major advantage of modular construction is its complete off-site construction. This process captures the time, cost and quality benefits of the manufacturing process and applies it to the scale of the buildings.

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Resource Expertise

CHRISTOU has worked on numerous projects within the North-West region and projects on the coastline. We have designed and documented projects worth more than $350M for the resources sector totalling in excess of $1.0B worth of projects. We fully understand the climate, transport (cost) and transport (suitability - life cycle costings, accommodation issue, construction works) and opportunities and constraints in construction methodologies which influence design direction.

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Feasibility Studies

CHRISTOU is able to undertake feasibility studies for projects of any size. Our process begins with site evaluation and analysis, if the site is not suitable for the project then we will work to create an intelligent solution. Our conceptual design will reflect the findings of our feasibility study and the needs and wants of our client. We will establish the construction costs and generate documents for our client to use when seeking project approval.

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3D + CGI imagery

We use 3D modelling (sketchup and 3ds max) and Computer Generated Images (CGI) to explore and develop designs spatially, and for quick feasibility studies. Images can be produced at each stage to demonstrate the development of the proposal to clients and stakeholders.

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