Antiopi Orkopolous is Appointed Associate Director

Sep | 2021

Christou is thrilled to appoint Antiopi Orkopolous as Associate Director. Joining Christou in the 1990s, Antiopi brings expert leadership across all sectors of Architecture and Interior Design, working seamlessly across both disciplines to deliver holistic outcomes. 

Antiopi’s projects are meticulously researched and executed. She is transparent and accountable in her approach to project management and this has seen her develop long-lasting relationships with clients. Anti is also a specialist in strategic briefing, facilitating Christou's briefing methodology to embed business case and end-user experience as key design parameters. The result, projects which realise their opportunity, which curate experience and resonate with their various user groups. Her recent achievements include the interiors of Samphire Rottnest.

The appointment of Antiopi brings strength to both Christou's design and delivery teams across all project typologies. We congratulate Anti on this achievement and for her continued contribution to our Studio and built environment.